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Properties for sale in Nueva Andalucia

Find the right property for your home or holiday home is not always the easiest. The property market in Marbella is not the cheapest, but when comparing to what the prices were in Spain just before the last property crash in 2008 the property market still has a long way to go up. Marbella as destination is not fluctuating as much price wise as the rest of Spain, which normally makes it a great way for making a long term investment.

Buying a property is one of the biggest purchases you make in your life, regardless if you buy a holiday home or a property to live in permanently. Make it right and choose the best property available for you and your family.
Because of the property market taxes and costs are normally around 10% on top of the prices, it is really important not to buy the wrong property, location or something that you simply do not like. Note that during year of 2021 the transfer tax is temporarily lowered to 7%.

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It may be that there are no available for sale at this moment in time. But since the market is constantly changing you could always have a look in a few days again or contact us to let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know right away when something is listed.

Is location important?

Yes, location is extremely important in Marbella and Nueva Andalucia. It is not only the location in the area itself, but also the specific location of the property within that area. Is it too close to a busy road? Maybe next to a roundabout? Empty plots nearby causing uncertainty of what is happenign there?

There are many more important factors to take into account and something that we will help you understand.

Where should I buy a property?

The location of the property would have to be based on a location ticking the life style you want to have. Do you want to live in tranquility? Try focusing your searches on properties further away from bars, clubs and busy roads.

If it is an investment meant to be rented out, think like a tourist. You probably want to stay close to amenities, stores, restaurants and even better if you could find something with walking distance to the beach.

When is a good time to buy?

It is always hard to know exactly when is a good time to buy into a market. However, generally the property prices go up as inflation inccreases. Even if there sometimes are shorter down trends in the market the property prices constantly increase. So if you want to live in a certain location it is normally a good idea to become part of that market as soon as possible to avoid having to pay premiums later on.

Marbella and Nuvea Andalucia have generally stable property prices even in slower financial markets because people have invested in the properties with money that they can spare. So they are not depending on that specific property and would not sell for a lower price than anticipated. Hence prices keep stable and with an uptrend over the years.

Should I buy a property now even though Corona is not over?

After the Covid 19/Corona close down in 2020 the property market has been extremely busy during 2021 and properties in certain price ranges have almost completely sold out, especially in Nueva Andalucia. So if you are looking to sell your property, these are great times. If you are looking to buy, there is still a lot of potential but you have to do your homework to find the best possible options.

As a result of covid 19, more and more people have come to appreciate life and make the most out of it. This can clearly be noticed with the number of people not only dreaming about moving to the sun in Costa del Sol, but actually buying a property here.

I have more questions, what to do?

Of course, that why you are here and why we are here to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us already today. Buying a property can be a short or a long journey, but it has to start somewhere and we are here to help.